Bracket Buster

Steve Johnson

Photo from Flickr creative commons.

Luke Martin, Writer

With March Madness well under way now, it is very evident that the craziness has again occurred in this 2015 season. Just when you have expected the big dogs of the tournament to win their game, they are stopped in their tracks by the lower seeded underdogs. Lower seeded teams are playing with a chip on their shoulders’ causing the high seed teams to fall.

If you are unaware, there are no perfect brackets left as the tournament reaches the final four. Teams such as Iowa State, Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and Baylor were all upset by teams most people thought they would roll over on. This is the second year in a row that a seventh seeded team has made it to the final four. Last year the seventh seed was Connecticut, who won the title. This year, the Spartans of Michigan State, knocked off Virginia, a strong 2 seed in the Sweet 16, and then topped Louisville in the Elite Eight to advance to the Final Four, that occurs Saturday, April 4.

As many people have had their brackets destroyed, Torch decided to check in with the student body.

“You just can’t determine how well each team will perform. Teams have good days and bad days so it is always a challenge when picking who to rely on in the tournament,” Tessa Steffen, fr., said.

Tanner Stewart, sr., commented on the tournament’s having lived up to its’ name.

“The madness has been very mad this year,” Stewart said.

At the end of the day what we can take out of this season and March Madness in general is that your seeding doesn’t determine your outcome. Many underdogs have made fantastic runs throughout the tournament year in and out. Just when the high seeds get comfortable and don’t bring their A-game, their season comes to a close.