The Plain Brown Wrapper

Brant Barnhart, Writer

For the 46th year at Kennedy, the Plain Brown Wrapper is being published.

“The Plain Brown Wrapper is a literary magazine, which means that students and staff from Kennedy can enter stories like non-fiction and fiction prose, poetry, art, photography, and music.” Teacher Leah Howard said. Howard oversees the Plain Brown Wrapper.

Writers could start turning their work in in the second half of the fall term. People interested in turning their work in can find a Plain Brown Wrapper box in language arts and art rooms around the school and in the IMC. Writers that turn their work in cannot have pen names or be anonymous, and the work must be signed by the author.

Elektra Noble, sr., is a part of the Wrapper’s editorial board. Noble thinks that that writing for the Wrapper is good practice for students.

“You could have your stuff published, and it’s good practice if you want to get your stuff out there later on.” Noble said.

All of the works that are turned in are judged anonymously by the editorial board to decide if the work is published or not. A person can only have up to three stories published by the Wrapper, but they can submit as many works as they want. As of now, the Wrapper has 20 works turned in

Howard says that getting published in the Wrapper is a great opportunity for students.

“You will be able to say that you are a published author, it looks good on scholarship and college applications.” Howard said.

Howard says that her favorite part about running the Wrapper is that she gets to work with the people of Kennedy who enjoy literature.

“I enjoy working with students who like to read and write literature, the Plain Brown Wrapper is a great opportunity to get published in high school, also a great opportunity for students to work to produce a publication.” Howard said.

The Wrapper is an elective class that is offered winter and spring term that meets during A days and is during 7th hour. Students can talk to their counselor if they would like to join the editorial board.