A Walk To Remember

As thousands of people fill the streets of Cedar Rapids, the announcer yells go and they take off.

This Sunday, October 05, 2014 in downtown Cedar Rapids the 24th annual Especially For You walk was held to celebrate survivors, honor those whose lives have been taken, and to help those who are still fighting cancer.

Teresa Werning, a cancer survivor, said that this walk means so much to her. She had a tumor the size of her thumb, and wouldn’t have discovered it if not for a mammogram. “Getting that checked saved my life; if I wouldn’t have I would not be here today. Everyone needs to get it checked because it can save your life.” Werning said.

The race attracts a huge crowd, not only from Cedar Rapids; there are people from 28 states and two different countries. The race is not only a 5k run but also a 5k walk and a 1k walk. The race started by the Mercy Medical Center and ended in Green Square Park for a celebration of life.

The announcer for the event was Katheryn Foxx, from 96.5 Kiss radio station. She has been involved with the race every year but one. Her favorite part is hearing the success stories from the survivors. “It’s so inspiring to hear these stories, and that why I do it. And I’m honored to be a part of it.”

The race helped raise money for the Especially For You Fund, which was started in 1991 by Mercy Medical Center and General Mills in memory of Sandy Knight. The fund is to help breast cancer patients who cant afford the treatment. “Treating breast cancer is very expensive, this fund is so that people can get better and not have to worry about the money.” Foxx said.

Volunteers Jim and Lori Bristow said that everybody knows someone who has been affected by cancer, its so nice to see this celebration of life and to be a part of it. It touches everyone’s life.