10 Pieces of Advice to Remember When Packing for Vacation



Students and staff of Kennedy anxiously wait for the bell to ring on Friday and for spring break to begin. Some plan to travel while others are staying home. Kennedy’s spring break lasts from March 24 to March 29. Classes resume on Monday March 31.

No matter what your plans are for spring break, here is some advice from Kennedy students to remember when packing for vacation.

  1. “I never actually go anywhere for spring break but if I did I would make a list of everything I would need and check it off as I packed it,” Isabel Neff, sr., said.
  2. “Bring enough socks. Sometimes I forget socks and then I’m like what do I do I don’t have any socks. Also remember your toothpaste because it’s gross if you don’t. So yeah remember toothpaste and socks,” Kylie Parker-Goldberg, jr., said.
  3. “Pack heavy. Just pack everything you possibly can. You will never know what you’ll need and if you lose something, then you’ll always have a backup,” Cameron Currie, so., said.
  4. “Always pack extra things of everything so that you are prepared,” Ellie Pereboom, fr., said.
  5. “Don’t forget sunscreen if you’re going somewhere sunny. That’s always an important thing people forget. If you’re going somewhere cold, pack layers. And also pack comfortable walking shoes no matter where you’re going,” Ananya Munjal, sr., said.
  6. “Take a lot of shorts, socks, and board shorts,” Quinton McGovern, so., said.
  7. “Pack for unexpected weather because you never know what you will run into. Also pack light,” Renee Mittelberg, so., said.
  8. “It depends on where you are going but definitely clothes suitable for the weather, something to do during your travel time, and some fun people to go with,” Elizabeth Barrett, fr., said.
  9. “Pack your most important things first that way you won’t forget them,” Riley Deputy, jr., said.
  10. “It depends of where you’re going because sometimes you have to fly and other times you have to drive but generally you want to pack light if you can, so that you can have leg space in a car or so that you don’t rack up a bunch of money for all your luggage when you’re flying,” Brenden Jacobs, so., said.


Whether you are fleeing to warmth, staying home, or traveling somewhere else for spring break, remember these pieces of advice as you pack for your next vacation. “It is better to be prepared before you leave, rather than realizing you’re not after you have already left,” Munjal said.