NewBo Market opens for business


Hundreds of people went to the NewBo Market last weekend during the Grand Opening.

Mary Mathis

Hundreds of people went to the NewBo Market last weekend during the Grand Opening.

Cedar Rapids has something new to offer Eastern Iowa throughout 12th Ave. and 3rd Street SE. For three days a week, every week, there will be a completely new market filled with fresh and fun shops, restaurants, performance spaces, and places to hang out.

NewBo Market features the Rotary Hall, which has the room to hold performances, parties, and food. Inside the Rotary Hall is the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen, which is part of the Kirkwood Community College teaching program. The kitchen is a center for hands-on learning in nutrition and culinary education. In the main floor of the Rotary Hall there is a distribution center that has been dedicated to organizations like HACAP, the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, and to providing storage and sorting to the distribution of food to hungry.

Outside of the Rotary Hall is the Market Square/ Yard, which is a public space for outdoor performances, concerts, fairs, and markets.  Coming in the spring of 2013 there will be a Children’s Play Area and a Learning Garden, both including spaces for families and organized activities.

Hanna Krivit, jr., has a family connection with NewBo market. Her mother is starting a shop called NewBo Cheese Company that will hold cheese from different farms around the Midwest. “I’m going to work at my mom’s store in NewBo, I’m pumped for it to open!” Krivit said. Restaurants range from coffee shops to taco shops to Mediterranean.

NewBo will also have holiday markets. There will be five themes of the year, including holiday, winter, spring, summer, and harvest. For more information on the NewBo market, visit  their website.