The Kennedy Experience for Conrado


Tate Weaver

Conrado Chozas-Martinez racing towards the ball, against Washington Warriors. The JV 2 soccer game was on May 16, losing 3-2.

Shaun Pothepalli, Writer

Conrado Chozas-Martinez has spent nearly a whole school year at Kennedy, 4,300 miles away from his family and friends in Pozuelo, a suburb in Madrid. Chozas-Martinez has been living with the Finks, his host family. Their son Gabriel Fink, and Conrado are both currently attending Kennedy High School.

“My host family is fantastic and very kind. They welcomed me with open arms into the family,” Martinez said.

Martinez thought it would be a tough transition into Kennedy but found it easy to adjust to a new environment and meet new people. Enrolled as a junior this year, Martinez really likes the classes he has taken and has found a common ground with the friends he made in sports.

“I’m a part of varsity golf, swimming, and am in soccer now,” Martinez said.  “It’s a lot of fun and the competitiveness is different here than in Spain.”

Apart from golf, which Martinez wishes to pursue in the future, soccer is a favorable sport for Martinez. A fan of Barcelona, he has grown up watching and playing soccer, which he is continuing, by being a part of Kennedy’s soccer team. Playing for the JV2 team under Coach Keegan McIntosh, Martinez has been offered a promotion to JV 1. However, he politely declined the gesture.

“I like JV2 because it is easy, and practices are easier. I enjoy game of soccer and playing for fun,” Martinez said.

The soccer season kicked off in March, and Conrado is switching gears and focusing on soccer, while finding time to hang out with friends and teammates hoping for a great season.

“Kennedy is a fun school and people here are friendly. Right now, I look forward to winning our next soccer game,” Martinez said.

As of now, Kennedy’s JV2 team has played against Washington, Jefferson, Linn Mar, and Iowa City West. They are to play Jefferson once again, Prairie, Iowa City High, Iowa City West, Washington, and Xavier.

To watch Martinez and the team in action, come on down to cheer the team as they roll through their season facing Prairie, Iowa City High, Iowa City West, Xavier, and end with Washington on May 16. This will be Martinez’ last match playing for the Cougars.