Too crowded for comfort?

Cafeteria seating can be hard to find

Bailey Schlacke, Writer

When snows hits, ask yourself, what are you going to do?

During lunch, the cafeteria is little too crowded. Making the lunch room bigger would increase space and allow more tables for students to sit down.

Once snow hits the ground, students will have to think — what are you going to do and where are you going to sit?

We have quite a bit more students this year (1,900 students) and this makes the lunch room more packed. The lunch room is almost always in use either by a room full of hungry students or by the study hall classes.

“I’m glad I’m in study hall 4th hour, right when study hall ends I just go into a lunch line or sit and eat my home lunch,” Nia. Martinez, so. said.

When it comes to 11:19 a.m., students rush to the lunch room to get food.

“My favorite thing to have for lunch is noodles,” Makayla Newman, fr. said. “There are always good options to have for lunch, there is something for everyone. But sometimes within the time you have for lunch you can’t get something.”

There are six different stations/lines of food students can go in to get lunch. Each line as something different, and each line takes a different amount of time for students to get through, which could mean students stand in a line for five to 10 minutes.

Students usually want to eat in A tutorial time, but some are forced to eat in B tutorial because many students go during A to eat. There are lots of kids in there in lunch at the same time.

“The lack of space is really an issue when it is lunch time and everyone is trying to get in the lunch room and get in a line,” Martinez said.

So, should Kennedy make the lunch room bigger? And students have been asking themselves, what is lunch going to be like during the winter time, when we can’t use the patio to eat and sit down during lunch?

Possibly extending the enclosed lunch room way out to the end of the patio could be an option, since we live in Iowa, with five seasons. We won’t be able to use it in the winter since there will be snow on the ground and possibly below freezing at times.

Meanwhile, students will continue to squeeze between other students to get lunch and find a seat quick before someone takes it.