Differences between college and high school

Former Kennedy student Katie Wolfe explains it all

Anafernanda Millsap , Writer

Katie Wolfe, 20, a Kennedy graduate (class of 2014) is now attending college at The University of Iowa, being a sophomore, she says college is different than high school.

“I applied for two colleges, Iowa and UNI,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe got accepted to both The University of Iowa and UNI. She chose to go to The University of Iowa because she felt more at home and there were more diverse majors.

“I wasn’t thinking about being a teacher and that’s what UNI is known for,” Wolfe said.

If she’s ever home sick she’s just a 30 minute to an hour drive away.

Wolfe says college is not like what she expected. Student now have lots of free time and high school AP classes do help.

In high school Wolfe took AP psychology, economy, history, literacy and language arts. She also took journalism and was in Torch.

Wolfe is currently majoring in journalism and psychology.

On her free time she likes to enjoy going out with her friends, watch Netflix, go to the recreational center to swim and workout, or just explore Iowa City.

In high school student get to go home and then come back the next day. When you are in college you live on campus, students can live in a dorm that has to be shared and get to somewhat pick out who they live with. They fill out a survey where they pick out if they prefer it to be quiet and things like that. There is a sink in the room, but no bathrooms, if they have to go to the bathroom or take a shower you have to go down the hall for it. There is also a dining hall where they can go and eat.

Students can also live in a sorority house with 35 girls, 17 in each floor where they have a bathroom and they have to share a room with one other girl. Wolfe said that the food isn’t very good there.

Lastly, students can have their own apartment.

“You now have more time on your own and also more freedom. Your teachers are not on your back for not doing your homework,” Wolfe said.

College grading is different than high school. In high school you get homework and take small tests and that’s how you get graded. In college you take three tests and that’s mostly your grade, but you also get discussion points. Grades are also curved a 33 percent is a, c.

“Some kids don’t even show up for days,” Wolfe said.

If you were to miss a class, you don’t have to make it up.

“Very rarely” does class get canceled Wolfe says. Cancellations are not for weather. The only reason class gets cancelled is if the professor can’t make it.

In her future, Wolfe plans to get a job doing something with social media/digital marketing.