50 Days Until Graduation

It’s time.


Taya Floyd, Writer

The final stretch is upon us fellow seniors. For most of us, it’s been roughly 14 years which is about 2,520 days, calculated to 20,160 hours, and an endless number of seconds sitting at a desk. We have taken thousands of test, countless hours of homework and late nights, and gone through numerous teachers, and now we are only 50 days until we finish what we have started.

Whether you are the first to graduate in your family, or you’ve had siblings, this is one of the biggest moments of your life and your families life. You did it; you made it through the water, and you should be so proud of yourself. Everyone else is.

It sounds so crazy to be saying, “Yeah graduation is next month.” Or to be planning your party, taking senior pictures, or getting your prom entire. Over a decade later, and we are turning a new chapter in our lives.

Whatever your plans are, take the message of this post to heart. Be proud of yourself and our class. We are a brave generation ready to take on the world, and we’ve come so far. Don’t be afraid to jump into life head first and show who you are.

Class of 2016.