A Few Bands No One Knows

Make Them Known.


Taya Floyd, Writer

There are thousands of underground musicians, and most want to just inspire people with their lyrics. I pulled a quick list of 5 artists you should definitely check out.

MGMT. An American rock band created in 2002 with five members, Benjamin Goldwasser, Andrew VanWyngarden, Matthew Asti, James Richardson and Will Berman, is filled with life. With 5 albums and 5 released EP’s, MGMT has been classified in many different genres, Alternative Dance, Psychedelic rock and pop, and Indie Folk. It’ll be love at first sound.


Electric Feel


Royal Blood – This is a rock duo recently formed in 2013 in West Sussex. The band’s sound is rooted in modern blues rock, hard rock, garage rock and psychedelic rock.Only 3 years and they are touring with Five Finger Death Punch and Motorhead. You connect with their music.

Figure It Out

Little Monster

Out Of The Black

Radical Face – Electronic Folk, with a back story in every song, the songs are based on the singer-song writer’s life. Cooper choose the name after seeing an add for a “Radical Face Lift”. If you need a break from your own life, take a listen.

      The Mute

     Holy Branches

     Welcome Home

Go Radio – The singer is Jason Lancaster, the former lead singer from Mayday Parade. The band formed in 2007 with a alternative rock/punk pop sound. They also played the entire Warped Tour in 2011. Give them a listen.

Goodnight Moon

Go To Hell

Any Other Heart

MC Lars – Another Warped Veteran, Andrew Robert MacFarlane Nielse is a threat. He raps, produces, writes, and does cartoons. He classifies his music in its own category called “post-punk laptop rap” and he is pretty good. If you want a white boy rapper, he is your guy.

Flow Like Poe

Never Afraid

The Gigantic Robot Kills