Take your mark, women’s track and field has started


Macy Anderson, Photo Editor

As winter sports come to a close and spring time is nearing- that means so are spring sports.
As soon as the snow melts and the runners can see the track, they are outside practicing. The first practice of the year was on Feb. 15, and preseason workouts started in January.

“We did a lot of core workouts and some sprints,” Kayla Joyner, jr., said, “The focus was mainly on form. It hopefully helped athletes prepare by strengthening our core, as it plays a vital role in running.”

“Workouts get our muscles ready to run every day,” Tianna Drahn, sr., said, “By running before the season, you get to skip over the terrible first week of soreness.”
For women’s track and field, this will be an exciting season as it is the first with their new coach, Duane Wampole.

“This season has been so great because our team is focusing on an encouraging, family-like environment,” Joyner said, “Everyone is so supportive of each other and we cheer everyone on.”
The women’s track and field team had three events qualify and compete at the Drake Relays, and four events went to State last year.

“The Drake Relays are one of the coolest sports events I have ever been to, it’s always a fantastic time when I get to go,” Drahn said.

Not only do runners begin practicing early, but throwers do as well.

“We work on speed, agility and weight lifting,” Brinley Milbrath, sr., said.

For shot put and discus throwers they begin practicing in the wrestling room, and they try to get stronger by lifting weights.

“The best part of track is every single meet we go to,” Drahn said, “It’s a great time when you are cheering on your teammates and helping each other out.”