Technology and communication

Technology and communication

Taya Floyd, Writer

Technology has advanced. And advanced. And advanced. The world we know today is completely different from just a short 30 years ago. Different from even just 16 years ago.

Technology has made our world better and worse. Better in the fact that now we have advanced so much it has helped in schools, medicine and law.

At first it was the simple things, such as stop lights, radios, TV’s, even electricity. All simple. But as our human race continues to grow we thrive on the idea of technology.

Does it really affect us that much? TV enhanced everything. Social media has flooded through things like tv and radio and cellular devices.
The answer is yes. Texting, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and so many more are large ways of communication among today’s social society, but with such a social society is physical communication dying?

As students flood the foyer, a dynamic subset of cellular devices create a lightened madness, which also apparently seems to remove the ability to walk correctly.

Phones and technology have provided us great advancement in the economy, schools, and the workplace, yet has caused a set back in a vital part of life; personal, physical conversations.

Cell phones lead to loss of sleep, social isolation, lack of social skills, and cyberbullying.

Though the privilege of having a phone gives advantages in health advice and learning, people tend to use their phones as shields. Behind a phone screen, people act bigger than they are, when it comes to reality and actual contact, a person has lack of eye contract, stuttering, and even issues with being awkward, these issues will make it harder to be in school, and affect a job interview.

Phones also cause physical health problems, the LED light strains your eyes, and radiation can also occur.

Do yourself a favor and put your phone down for a second, engage in human contact, and practice your social skills.