Lela Sellers 1,000 point


Erica Gouchee, News Editor

The Liberty University senior basketball commit, Lela Sellers, scored her thousandth career point during last Friday’s game against Jefferson.

She led the team, scoring 29 of the 61 points with three assists. She made 91 percent of the shots attempted at the free throw line and because of her accomplishment she was given the game ball.

“I just felt like I’ve come so far in my basketball career,” Sellers said.

Sellers has scored 314 points already this year, had 143 rebounds and 37 assists.

“I’m so excited for the rest of the season and with State coming up I feel like we are gonna do really good.” Sellers said.

There are only five games left until State begins and with a 14-2 record the team are feeling confident.
“Any time you get beat you have to make a decision to use it as motivation and work hard or let it shake your confidence for a while,” Coach Tony Vis said. “Hopefully they will get back on the horse and try to put another win streak together.”