Advice for the upcoming holidays


Colby Manley, Staff Writer

Hype for the upcoming winter break rises, as it will be the longest break for the holidays this year for Kennedy’s students and staff. Some have Christmas shopping to do and others have meals to prepare.

Kennedy’s winter break starts on Dec. 21 and lasts through Jan. 1. Classes resume on Monday Jan. 4.

As winter break gets underway, here are some ideas from Kennedy students on how to prepare for holiday shopping, personal favorites of good seasonal food, and what they plan on doing for the holidays.

  1. “I saved money from working earlier during the school year so I could afford to buy presents for my family members,” Parker Jacobson, sr., said.
  2. “I am going to Colorado with my family to snowboard and spend time together,” Carter Krall, jr., said.
  3. “My family and I always go up to my aunt’s house in Wisconsin early Christmas Eve morning so we have all afternoon to cook a huge meal and eat it that night,” Logen Rodriguez, sr., said.
  4. “I have saved up money and patience for months to shop and buy gifts for my family and friends,” Austin Bailey, sr., said.
  5. “This year I did all my shopping on the internet so I wouldn’t have to go to the mall,” Dillon Koch, sr,. said.
  6. “After I finish buying gifts I plan to spend time with family, lift weights, and study for finals,” Connor Christophersen, sr., said.
  7. “My grandma came with me and helped me pick out gifts for my brother and mom, it only took a couple days and wasn’t hard,” Nolan Hromidko, sr., said.
  8. “I prepared rice crispy treats and popcorn balls,” Jamie Milota, jr., said.
  9. “Me and my siblings went shopping two months ago and got all of our Christmas presents early to save time,” Tianna Drahn, sr., said.
  10. “Don’t stress about anything to much because Christmas is supposed to be fun and its supposed to be a happy time and if you put to much stress into it you can ruin the whole thing,” Nicole Decoste, sr., said.

No matter what you do over winter break, make sure to use these experiences from others to help you prepare for upcoming the holidays.

“Being off school is nice but I think the best thing is being around family and friends and having a break from life for a little bit,” Decoste said.