Eric Gouchee, Writer/ photographer

Feminism. It’s a word a lot of people don’t understand the true meaning of. According to Dictionary.com the definition of feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
Feminists have tended to drift away from the traditional meanings of feminism, favoring women over men. This is not true feminism, and should no be referred to as such.
As most of you know there is a twitter account that is trending. @MeninistTweet is an account that has gained 1 million followers and it brings up issues about double standards between genders.
A couple of the tweets said “us men should also get a week out every month to complain and be taken care of, like girls do on their period.” And another one talked about how women expect men to pay when they go out on a date. These things can be very true in some cases but that doesn’t mean all women are like that.
I personally follow the account and to be completely honest it doesn’t bother me. In fact it makes me laugh because most of the things they tweet about are stereotypical things that women don’t actually do.
Some people take offense to the things they tweet about but they shouldn’t. They not only get offended by the tweets but also the merchandise that has #Meninist on it. In my opinion people should just ignore the shirts and hats if it bothers them. Because all they are doing is giving them a reaction and that is just what they want from the feminists.
In reality if you just ignore the things that bother you about the twitter page and the shirts then it will probably blow over. It’s just a trend that will eventually get old.